NACTIVA is a company that provides the rental, assembly and dismantling of European and suspended scaffolding and the installation of lifelines, safety stairs and nets. Our company has been increasing its experience, professionalism and production capacity over the years. Nowadays the main productive activities of the company are oriented to the industrial fields (thermosolar power plants, cement plants, nuclear power plants and steel companies), building works, restorations and housing constructions throughout Spain.

Every assembly we provide is certified

to guarantee the customers’ full security and they are made by technically qualified and highly experienced professionals. Moreover, the implementation and the certification of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards in our company guarantee the quality of the services we provide and the prevention of occupational risks. Thanks to our quality management systems, Nactiva can always demonstrate and highlight its capacity to ensure that all the services provided and all the installations mounted meet our customers’ specified requirements, the applicable regulatory requirements, as well as any other compulsory or necessary application.

Talking about the prevention of occupational risks, the method of operation we developed facilitates the management of the occupational risks connected to the productive activities of the company, works to involve all the personnel affected to these risks, guarantees that the current regulations and their updates are always communicated to the personnel helping us to constantly improve. Finally, Nactiva has developed and implemented a Code of Ethics that establishes the company’s optimal behaviour in relationships with the customers, workers, providers, Public Administration and society in general.