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Nactiva’s Executive Direction and Management follow strict principles:

  • To generate the best conditions to create a motivating and inclusive work environment.
  • To encourage the implementation of preventive safety and health measures on the workplace.
  • To clearly state the Company’s commitment to care for the environment.
  • To strengthen the company’s commitment to the customers’ full satisfaction.
  • To build confidence in the relationship with the providers.
  • To keep ethic and transparent relationships with Public Administrations and society in general.

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NACTIVA considers that it is fundamental to establish a coherent policy with clear goals of quality and prevention of occupational risks in order to develop the Company’s Integrated Quality and Workplace Safety and Health Management System (IMS). The Company’s Management Board assumes the control of IMS and is committed:


To identify the threats and evaluate the risks associated with the activities made by Nactiva; to establish the necessary controls and preventive measures to guarantee the job safety and health for all the workers of the company.


To identify, communicate and update all the applicable regulatory requirements according to the Spanish legislation. At the same time, the company ensures that any other necessary applicable requirement is complied.


To ensure the quality of every product and/or service offered and to guarantee that every assembly, dismantling and work at heights would be fully reliable.


To fully satisfy its customers and the other parts involved (as referred to by the principles of quality management and the implementation of OHSAS requirements).


To promote the constant improvement of the IMS and of all the procedures that enable it to work.


To integrate the IMS into the Corporate Structure as one of its constitutive parts.

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